Why Online Analytics Training is better than Traditional Clasroom based


Lately, we conducted a seminar on Business Analytics in one of the rented physical location in the heart of Hyderabad. Though, the seminar was a huge success with around 50 attendees, we had some shortcomings. The location though was one of the prime locations in the city; several students had difficulty in finding it, more over some students got late and missed initial 15 to 20 minutes. Unfortunately, students who were on time had to wait for a while as few more students were fighting their way out through the traffic. And lastly, a lot of time was wasted in revisiting the concepts discussed earlier for the attendees who could not make it on time.

This led to a simple question, which we put to the attendees, that what if all this hassle could be avoided if they had opted for our online webinar on business analytics. The benefits of attending online classes and as such our entire online business analytics training program are immense. We list down some of the key observable benefits of online education:

No need of travel – Yes, we know most of you are working individuals and value your weekends a lot. The online business analytics program offered by Edzyme Academy, allows you to attend the sessions from your home, office or any location of your choice. You save a lot of time which would have otherwise spent on travelling to the training location as is the case for traditional classroom based learning. Imagine you get to spend more time with your family or on leisure activities!

Revisit the lectures anytime – As a part of our commitment to our students, each lecture is recorded and students have access to the entire recording. You may access the same, anytime and as long as you like. So if you miss a particular lecture because of some important commitment, or got late to the session, still you haven’t missed anything as you can always go through the entire recording n number of times, till you have understood the concept quite well. Imagine, you attended a session on Logistic Regression and one year later you are required to build a model using Logistic Regression at your work. Unless you have been using it throughout the year, it’s highly likely that you may have forgotten the concepts by now. While you can’t do anything with the traditional classroom based learning, as you won’t have access to the class or faculty now, but thanks to the recordings of the online sessions, you can quickly go through the recorded session and get your job done. Remember, Edzyme Academy provides lifetime access to course content and recordings!

Interact with Fellow Students and Faculty seamlessly – Our highly interactive online platform allows students to interact with fellow students and faculty through different mediums. You may chat your fellow classmates or connect with them over voice or video. Everything, very similar to a traditional classroom setup, without the hassle of traveling anywhere. Online environment scales above traditional classes on behavioral aspects as well. Many students are generally timid and not quite open to raise their concerns in open, however, with online classes you are at a comfortable location which automatically enhances your confidence!

Myth : Online classes require high bandwidth or face streaming issues – The internet market in India has evolved at a tremendous pace. While high bandwidth internet like 10mbps and above is available quite cheaply, our platform performs quite well on a speed of 512kbps. Having said that, we however recommend having an internet connection with at least 1mbps. So far, we haven’t heard any latency issues from our students!

Off course, the traditional classrooms allow you to connect with the people in person, and adds to your reasons of getting out on lazy weekends!

We recommend our students to consider these points before enrolling into a classroom based or an online business analytics training program.

Ashwini Bochar

Ashwini comes with over five years of rich experience in transforming organizations. She was a member of the leadership team of Sri Ranganath Swamy Credit Society, where she was a driver of analytics practices in the organization. Under her guidance the management at Ranganath Swamy Credit Society was able to grow the assets under management almost hundred fold. She is passionate about driving reform practices in business units and believes that this cannot happen without proper integration of technology with relevant education. She acknowledges the misfit in the industry required skills as against traditional education. Ashwini is committed about enhancing timely and cost-efficient industry required skills into candidates.

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