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Edzyme Academy is looking for experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge of their domain, have a passion for teaching and would like to share their skills in an easy and hassle free way. You can associate with us either full-time or part-time, and may contribute towards teaching or content development.

Full-time training and consulting

We are looking for experienced professionals to join us full-time. They should have good experience in the field of analytics. You would be expected to contribute to all vertices from training, to consulting, to content development.

Part-time training

We are always looking for experienced professionals who would like to do part-time teaching on weekends. Our online platform allows the faculty to interact with students virtually. Hence, you can teach from your home or any other convenient location. You may be located in any part of the world to associate with us.

Content Development

Our course content is designed and developed by industry professionals. If you feel you have the commensurate skill-set/expertise in a particular domain, tool, we would be happy to have you associated with us to develop content around it. You may contact us even if your expertise is into a different domain than what we are offering currently.

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